Clémence Houédé

I am a digital product designer living in New York Paris.


Color Blindness

Interaction Design

User Experience

︎ 3 weeks

︎ Individual work
This interactive platform aims to educate non-colorblind people on colorblindness. It simulates colorblind people's vision according to specific color combinations. The letters turn into non readable shapes when the choice of colors is not appropriate.

It raises concern on accessible design as designing for people with a disability should be more considered.

I designed and coded this website for the “Typography & Interaction” course at Parsons School of Design.

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Chromatic vs Colorblind Colors

Using Sketch’s colorblind simulator’s plugin Stark, I found the equivalence of chromatic colors perceived by colorblind people.


Using HTML/CSS, I designed and coded a very geometrical alphabet. It has been built using 5 rectangles shapes and a color is attributed to each of them. Two colored versions of this alphabet are displayed: a chromatic and a colorblind one.

︎ 2020 Clémence Houédé