Clémence Houédé

I am a digital product designer living in New York Paris.



User Research
UX/UI Design
Low and High-Fi Prototype
Usability Testing
Brand Identity

︎ 2 months
︎ Individual work

According to surveys and interviews, millennials tend to show up late more often than older people, 21% of them acknowledge they arrive late for work at least once a week compared to just 15% of the people aged 55 and older. Also, 57% of Americans acknowledge to be snoozers and struggle to wake up. Morning lateness are mainly caused by an unefficient morning routine.


How to better manage your time in the morning routine?


The Goodmorning app helps the user to perfect its morning routine. It informs the user about morning news and social media, it enables them to manage a personalized morning routine and to be on time. A display mode is available in order to use the phone as a digital morning routine clock. The user’s mornings will be perfectly scheduled  and chances to be on time increase.

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User Research

I conducted user interviews in order to better know their daily morning routine. I interviewed active working users as well as students —both have different lifestyle and schedule. 

I asked them to describe their morning routine in details, from the moment they are going to bed to the moment they left their home to go to work/school.

I gathered my findings and built up an experience map.


User research enabled me to understand my stakeholder’s needs. I built the app’s sitemap, it contains the main features based on the user journey. I worked on the feature’s hierarchy and sketched a first low-fidelity prototype. 

Users need to :
- be quickly informed about anything once they wake up (news, weather, traffic..)
- know its schedule and tasks before starting its day
- be reminded to be on time

︎ 2020 Clémence Houédé