Clémence Houédé

I am a digital product designer living in New York Paris.


User Research
UX/UI Design
Low and High Fidelity Prototype
Usability Testing
Brand Identity
Design Strategy

︎  2 months
︎ Collaborative work is a conference about the environment and artificial intelligence. It aims to educate young scientists, environmentalists, designers and developers about how artificial intelligence can assist humans to protect and improve the environment.

How to design for a conference about the environment and artificial intelligence?

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A collaborative project with Ahn Hong Mai.


The branding of the conference reflects two main aspects: artificial intelligence and the environment.

The bright colors are used as they can only be displayed on screens and not on the physical environment, these stand for the artificial intelligence aspect of the brand. Mixed of 2 colors: electric blue and green, used here to remind the users of the AI/ electronic aspect (electric blue) and the environment (green).

Combined with illustrations of natural elements, the branding brings artificial and futuristic aspects but still allows the audience to recognize the natural and biological elements in it.

UX/UI Design

The app aims to create networking during the conference. Through the app each visitor is able to connect with other visitors and share contact information. Only 4 connections are needed to grow a full tree. Once the user’s tree is grown, it is physically planted in Malawi using a tree-planting robot build with artificial intelligence.

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