Clémence Houédé

I am a digital product designer living in New York Paris.


MTA NYC Subway

User Research
UX/UI Design 
Low and High Fidelity Prototype
Usability Testing

︎ 3 weeks
︎ Individual work

Ticket machines and swiping cards are too confusing to use and cause congestion in the NYC subway during rush hours. The MTA mobile app can solve this problem as it gathers both ticket machine and MetroCard.

Your MetroCard is now on your phone and is contactless. The app enables you to purchase or to top up your MetroCard(s) online at any moment. In the subway, just tap your phone to the subway gates in order to get in. 
No paper waste, no machine and gates queues, less congestion.

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Displayed on Parsons School of Design’s website

︎ 2020 Clémence Houédé