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Nissan Connect Europe Services

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The Alliance Connected Vehicles (ACV) team is accelerating the deployment of connected solutions for everyone across the Alliance brands at Groupe Renault, Nissan Motor Company and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation.

Within the Alliance, ACV team is developing the Alliance Intelligent Cloud, which enables to connect future, current and past connected vehicles onto the same platform. This allows Alliance member companies to provide new services not only to the current generation of vehicles but also to some of the 70 million vehicles already on the road from Alliance members.

Client: Nissan
Agency: Goodpatch


Create a connected application to redefine the relationship between Nissan car drivers and the Nissan brand

I joined the ACV team to help the design of Nissan Connect mobile app. My role was to define the visual language and lead the UI design for the Dark Mode version. This would set the design direction for ACV's other branding applications and formed the basis of the broader mobile style guides.

The NissanConnect Services iOS and Android apps has been launched in 24 languages across the EU since May 2019  and is available on Apple Store and GooglePlay Store.

Our first launch has been featuring Nissan Leaf (4th best EV cars selling in the world in 2019) and since then, the mobile app is covering a wide range of connected cars: Juke, Qashqai, Navara and more recently Infiniti (the luxury vehicle division of Nissan).

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