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Renault — The Originals Museum 

UX/UI Design
Information architecture
Responsive Design
Interaction Design
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Welcome to Renault’s time machine. The first virtual museum of the French car manufacturer invites you to dive into a century of iconic models and shop pieces of Renault’s history. An immersive digital experience bringing to life Renault’s DNA for the fans and car enthusiasts around the world.

The Originals’ digital experience lets visitors embark on journey to discover Renault’s iconic models without any constraints in terms of user experience. Each model has its own immersive setting and visitors go through the story of the car with an horizontal navigation (or scrolly-telling).

Client: Renault
Agency: Razorfish — Publicis Groupe


Design an immersive and engaging digital experience

The goal is to enhance Renault’s strong history and DNA – through an online immersive visit of its main icons. It is also the opportunity for visitors to discover Renault’s wide vision & lifestyle. This platform celebrates the past while being a major media for the future of Renault.


An online museum

A free wander through a gallery of 50 icons of the brand, from the Dauphine to the Twingo, from the history of their design to the media of their success, from free exploration in real time 3D to listening to the sounds of each vehicle, the virtual museum allows you to plunge into the past of the brand in an intuitive and fun way.

... and a store

The Originals is also a store where you can purchase the brand's merchandising. The experience is fully integrated between the museum's experiential site and the merchandise e-store. Visit store

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